Plastic injection Molding

We have the injection machines from 80T -250T. We also have vertical injection molding machine. We cann help our customers to produce all kinds plastic parts.  The most precise molding parts which we can meet is 0.005mm.

On the other hands, we have long term relationship partners can provide us below assistance:
    >> Injection molding partner, who can provide 3500T inejction machine to test the mold and mass production for our customer . 
    >> Die casting partner, who can provide us  die castinng machines to mold testing and production, the biggest one can reach 800T.
    >> Silicone & rubber molding.

From 2016, we began to invest for the microcellular Foam Injecton Molding(MFIM) technology. MFIM can optimize the part with more economic price. It can give both customer and LST maximizing profits.


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